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Thing 3 - Image Banks

I'm so glad I've signed up for Rudai23!  I've just finished reading Thing 3- Image Banks and it's opened up a whole new world of visuals! I, like most people, automatically go to Google images anytime I'm looking for a suitable image, colouring picture, etc. for the library.  I usually spend ages and end up very frustrated with very little to show for it.

So anyhow, yesterday I opened an account on Flickr and browsed Pixabay and I can't believe the quality and choice of photos and all for free. I'm an avid birdwatcher (well bird spotter as I don't have time to watch) so I downloaded two photos of blue tits which have been taken by two very talented wildlife photographers. Enjoy!

'Blue tit' by Kathy2408 is licenced under CC0 by 2.0
'Blue tit' by Woodsilver is licenced under CC0 by 2.0

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